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Experience The Ultimate Beach Therapy™

Embark on a transformative fitness journey on the pristine shores of Carlisle Bay, Barbados, designed to empower your body, mind, and soul.

Experience the Ultimate Beach Therapy with Beach Yoga & Fitness!

Welcome to Beach Yoga & Fitness: The Ultimate Beach Therapy!

We’re thrilled you found us! Our mission is to inspire and motivate you to live a full, healthy, and happy life, seamlessly incorporating health and wellness into your dynamic lifestyle.

BEACH YOGA & FITNESS: The perfect fusion of Yoga, Pilates, and Bodyweight Training! We deliver innovative workouts that redefine and tone your body while ensuring a joyful experience. Each session culminates with a calming meditation, leaving you feeling revitalized and serene.

Your Body, Your Temple: Invest in Your Health, Invest in Your Life.

Experience the Beach Yoga & Fitness Advantage

Our classes are crafted as a transformative 60-minute journey that ignites your potential:

  • Yoga: Stretch your entire body from head to toe.
  • Pilates: Boost your core strength and stability.
  • Bodyweight Training: Tone your muscles and enhance your fitness level.

Our seasoned instructor guides you at every step, ensuring a personalized, enriching experience.

The Beach Yoga & Fitness Difference!

With over 18 years of experience in Yoga, Fitness & Pilates, we’re excited to share our expertise with you. Embrace our Tropical Tone-Up Therapy and witness how one class can promote detoxification, weight loss, improved sleep, enhanced muscle tone, increased flexibility, and inner peace. Unleash your glow with Beach Yoga & Fitness!

BodyWeight Training

Develop muscle tone and fitness with beginner-friendly workouts.


Strengthen your core and sculpt your body with targeted exercises.


Boost your flexibility and find inner peace with calming beach yoga poses.

Unlock Incredible Benefits with Just One Class!

Our Beach Yoga & Fitness classes works every muscle, promotes calorie burning, and facilitates faster body fat shedding. Discover additional benefits including:

  • Detoxification
  • Weight loss
  • Improved sleep
  • Enhanced muscle tone
  • Increased flexibility
  • Inner peace

Witness how our classes can help with muscle aches, toxin release, increased circulation, stress relief, core strengthening, and improved skin tone. Unleash your glow with our Tropical Tone-Up Therapy!

Our Classes

Yoga – Beach Rise & Shine

Begin your day by centering your mind and body. Join us for our Rise and Shine Early Morning Yoga Flow and start your day off smiling. Mix sun salutations, balance poses, standing poses with strengthening poses and deep stretches. Early morning yoga is a great way to center yourself, listen to your body and set an intention. Focus on how you are feeling and then respond. Typically we are stiffer in the morning and so an early morning practice teaches us the most about our bodies.

Yoga – Core & Flow

Yoga – Core and Flow is an all levels class. This Fusion of Core exercises & Yoga Flow is a fun class that will help you to develop strong core muscles, while toning up your body, increasing your flexibility and connecting with your breath.

Yoga – Deep Stretch & Relaxation

A delightful class that explores deep stretching to enhance joint mobility and flexibility. Each pose is held for long periods of time to target tendons, ligaments and fascia within the body. Complement your active lifestyle with this grounding, stress relieving practice.

Fusion – Burn & Firm (Intense)

Enjoy a 1 hour Burn & Firm class where we will be using Pilates bands & Yoga Blocks to target your core, back, butt, thighs and arms! Get ready for a high energy class with high energy music and the spirit of Aloha! Be prepared to sweat like never before! (You will need to bring your own bands)

Fusion – Arms, Abs & Buns

Arms, Abs & Buns is a fun class where we will be using bands, blocks and balls to help tone, tighten and firm our “trouble areas”. We start off with Yoga, blend it in with some great Pilates moves as well as core training and finish off in a nice and relaxing Savasana! Come and join us for a great hour of a perfect blend of intensity and relaxation.

Fusion – Yoga & Fitness Mix

This is a Full Body Fusion class! It’s a high intensity class for intermediate and advanced levels. This class is not recommended for anyone new to exercise or for those with injuries. A proven workout that will reshape and firm your glutes, legs, arms and abs with a yoga and pilates routine. Be prepared to sweat buckets while having fun with a routine that will get you serious results. The class finishes off with a lovely savasana (relaxation) component, leaving you feeling energized and relaxed all at the same time!  Please bring two 5lb dumbells and an exercise band.

Fitness – Strength & Stretch

This fun class combines the fat-burning, low-impact, muscle-sculpting exercises and ends in a relaxing meditation.  Build muscle, burn body fat, and stretch your body from head to toe, all in one energizing and relaxing class.

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